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  • Niles Youth Community Petition Comments
    Here are some comments from the Niles Youth Community Library Petition. You still have time to add your own! “I support the demands of the […]
  • Liberate the Library Protest Postponed
    Hello supporter! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Niles Youth Community has decided to postpone the Liberate the Library protest scheduled for Wednesday October 20th. Liberating […]
  • [EMAIL] Youth Solidarity
    Howdy neighbor! Leaders of social justice have emphasized the importance of solidarity. It is a crucial element for a just society. All of us are […]
  • Liberate the Library Protest!
    The Niles-Maine District Library has been taken over by hostile anti-library trustees: Carolyn Drblik, Suzanne Schoenfeldt, and Joe Makula.  Join the Niles Youth Community​‘s anti-racism efforts by […]
  • Niles Youth Community Library Petition
    The Niles-Maine District Library is being undermined by three anti-library trustees: Carolyn Drblik, Suzanne Schoenfeldt, and Joe Makula. Their attack on our library will disproportionately […]
  • [EMAIL] Youth Coalition Building
    Hello there neighbor! We have some awesome news to share, with opportunities you or people you know may be interested in. Check it out and […]
  • Niles Youth Community #SaveNilesLibrary Demands
    The Niles Youth Community seeks to promote anti-racism, the diversity of the Niles community, and the voices of the youth. To make that a reality […]
  • [EMAIL] One Down, Three To Go!
    *BIG NEWS* on our Niles Coalition #SaveNilesLibrary campaign! Yesterday was a new day. Yesterday we woke up knowing that on 8-18-2021 the anti-library bloc of […]
  • [EMAIL] #SaveNilesLibrary All Day Every Day
    We hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer. While the summer winds to a close we’re just warming up! After the big #SaveNilesLibrary […]
  • [EMAIL] Post-Rally Update: Our First Win!
    On Wednesday night, we won an important victory. Library board trustee Olivia Hanusiak, who originally supported a widely-criticized austerity budget, broke with the majority and […]
  • [EMAIL] Rally to Save Niles Library
    Hi Neighbor! In Niles we have an undeniable lack of representation in our local government. While #SaveNilesLibrary is our first campaign in response to the […]
  • [EMAIL] July 20 Action Plan to Save Niles Library
    Hi Neighbor, We have a small Niles Coalition update with an important #SaveNilesLibrary plan to join. Check it out! Niles Coalition We have a new […]
  • More Info
    People and organizations that have spoken out against the budget and actions of the Trustees: East Maine School District 63 Board of Education Dr. Scott […]
  • Resist, Resist!
    While the anti-library bloc of Trustees Carolyn Drblik, Joe Makula, Susan Schoenfeldt, & Olivia Hanusiak have been scheming amongst themselves for quite some time and […]
    ⚠️ ACTION ITEM ⚠️Please sign this petition from AFSCME Council 31. We Support Niles-Maine District Library Employees! Tell the Niles-Main District Library Board of Trustees […]
  • [EMAIL] Get Off the Internet!
    [Niles Coalition] Solidarity Card Events Like the amazing activist, grassroots organizer, and educator Mariame Kaba says: “It isn’t true that ‘noone is doing X’. In […]
  • [EMAIL] We Knew This Was Coming
    The lessons we’re learning from the #SaveNilesLibrary campaign have been informing the organizational structure of the Niles Coalition. We’ve been networking and making so many […]
  • #LoveTheDove
    We are not OK. During the June 18, 2021 Special Board Meeting the anti-library bloc (Carolyn Drblik, Olivia Hanusiak, Suzanne Schoenfeldt, & Joe Makula) forced […]
  • Library Unionizes, Fight Continues
    In the month of June quite a lot has happened already, lots of wins and updates!
  • A New Proposal
    We have a new development regarding the corrupt contract the Niles-Maine District Library Board railroaded in. As you may know, recently we launched a letter-writing […]
  • ACTION ALERT 6/14 & 6/16/2021
    The library is getting cut up, here’s some opportunities for action.
  • [EMAIL] Niles Coalition Progress & #SaveNilesLibrary Action Alert
    We’re so excited about all of the support and interest from those of you in the community who’ve signed up for our NilesCoalition mailing list! […]
  • Reject the Corrupt Contract!
    Here’s a #SaveNilesLibrary action you can take right away!
  • [EMAIL] #SaveNilesLibrary Update: 5-24-2021 Board Meeting
    Hello World! Bet you’re here to keep tabs on the Niles Coalition’s #SaveNilesLibrary campaign, and that’s SUPER awesome! Thanks for signing up! We formed as […]
  • Update: Library Special Board Meeting 5-24-2021
    Thank you to all of the community members who came out to bear witness to and express their concerns at last night’s extremely long Special […]
  • ACTION ALERT 5/24/2021
    Please join us on Monday May 24th 6:30pm and the Niles-Maine District Library! Read more about the issues here.
  • Intro: #SaveNilesLibrary
    The Niles-Maine District Library is in trouble. Here is a quick intro to some of the issues.