Niles Youth Community Save Niles Library

Niles Youth Community Petition Comments

Here are some comments from the Niles Youth Community Library Petition. You still have time to add your own!

“I support the demands of the Niles Youth Community”

“Morton Grove stands with you! We demand equity and resources for our Niles Township friends. We are so proud to see the Niles Youth Community stepping up, we are thrilled to stand in solidarity with you.”

“The Niles library board has recently been taking backward steps. This action would be a positive step forward.”

“Save the library!!”

“I am saddened that the Niles Library Board refuses to take an anti racism stance and continues to attempt to hurt the people they are supposed to care about and protect.”

“Libraries are to be places where people of all backgrounds can feel safe and welcome. Racist rhetoric is unacceptable and not covered by free speech statutes”

“Libraries should serve ALL community members.”

“Niles is a diverse village and needs its community services to commit to celebrating diversity and inclusion. Our library board should be representative of the people it serves.

“This effects my daughter and all children in our community

“The library is the only safe free place children and teens can always go in the community. How dare you try to limit accessir access based on race, financial background or anything else outside of behavior.”

“I want to save the Niles Library!”

“Our libraries are great equalizers offering resources to all, regardless of race, economic status, sexual orientation and religion. Three people should not hold these principles hostage because of a misguided sense of nationalism.”