#SaveNilesLibrary is a campaign of the Niles Coalition. Our goal is to save the Niles-Maine District Library, which is under attack by a bloc of hostile board trustees: Joe Makula, Carolyn Drblik, Olivia Hanusiak, and Suzanne Schoenfeldt. These trustees took power in spring 2021 as a result of an extremely low-turnout election, creating a new anti-library majority. Although these trustees ran on transparency and fiscal responsibility, their policies are reckless, corrupt, and an attack on the library’s mission. 

Makula, Drblik, Hanusiak, and Schoenfeldt have proposed a budget for the new fiscal year that makes drastic cuts to staff, materials, and services. These trustees are eliminating outreach to schools and nursing homes, reducing library hours, slashing staff training and salaries, and even getting rid of cleaning crews. Before these trustees took power, our library was consistently ranked among the best in the country. Their cuts are so severe we will no longer meet some of the state standards for public libraries. A good overview is available here: Divided Niles Library Board tentatively approves $1.5 million in budget cuts, reduced building hours

Find more information on the issues and a list of organizations and public figures speaking out about the cuts to the library here:
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  • ACTION ALERT 5/24/2021
    Please join us on Monday May 24th 6:30pm and the Niles-Maine District Library! Read more about the issues here.