A campaign to save the
Niles-Maine District Library

Save Niles Library - Rally on July 23, 2021 in Niles, Illinois

#SaveNilesLibrary is a campaign of the Niles Coalition. Our goal is to protect the Niles-Maine District Library, which is under attack by a bloc of hostile board trustees: Joe Makula, Carolyn Drblik, Olivia Hanusiak, and Suzanne Schoenfeldt. These trustees took power in spring 2021 as a result of an extremely low-turnout election. In 2021, after the anti-library trustees enacted a “temporary hiring freeze” and slashed the library’s budget, Olivia Hanusiak resigned, leaving the board with 3 anti-library trustees who refuse to allow the board to fill the vacant seat on the board.

The anti-library trustees have overspent their budgeted amount for legal expenses, in part due to their violations of the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act. While refusing to allow the library’s Director to fill dozens of staff positions that have become vacant in the last year they have instead funneled our public funds into private businesses including outside accountants and their own campaign videographer. Before the anti-library trustees took power, our library was consistently ranked among the best in the country, and all of the trustees should be advocates for our library and allow library staff to serve our community.

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