Campaigns Save Niles Library

Resist, Resist!

While the anti-library bloc of Trustees Carolyn Drblik, Joe Makula, Susan Schoenfeldt, & Olivia Hanusiak have been scheming amongst themselves for quite some time and continue to do. Now is time to STEP ON THE GAS and resist this attack on our community! Here are a number of ways community members and orgs have been doing just that in defense of our cherished Niles-Maine District Library. The community was caught off guard but together we will win now, and for the continued future!

Susan Dove Lempke Speaks Out

Former Executive Director of the Niles-Maine District Library Susan Dove Lempke licked her wounds, dusted off her blog, and broke her silence regarding the hot mess going down at the library. Ever since the new board took control it’s been nearly impossible to understand what has been going on. While the new trustees ran on transparency, that has not been the case at all.

“A new board was seated at the Niles-Maine District Library in suburban Chicago on May 19th. The newly elected trustees formed a voting block with the previously lone tax hawk on the board, elected themselves to all of the offices, and set off on an incredibly fast-paced whirl of destruction. After eight board meetings in four weeks, totaling 27 hours, I had the choice of resigning with a settlement, or being fired. You can guess which one I chose.

Part of me would like to turn the corner and move on, but the other part of me knows that I am uniquely positioned to shed light on this dire situation.”

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Trustee Becky Keane-Adams Speaks Out

Speaking of transparency, Trustee Becky Keane-Adams publicly addressed the community directly through a YouTube video.

Listen to the description of this horror show that the anti-library bloc are perpetrating upon the board members, the library staff, and the community.

AFSCME 31 Union Launches a Petition

Please sign onto this petition in support of Niles-Maine District Library Employees!

Tell the Niles-Maine District Library Board of Trustees that you do not support their proposed service and budget cuts to our library. These cuts are unnecessary and severe and will only hurt our community.

But wait, there’s more flex from AFSCME 31!

Illinois Labor Relations Board Served Notice

The Journal & Topics reports: Niles-Maine Library Faces Charges, Investigation By Labor Relations Board 

“The Illinois Labor Relations Board is investigating an unfair labor practices charge against Niles-Maine District Library Board President Carolyn Drblik in her capacity as board president. The charges are related to cuts made in the library’s next fiscal year budget which begins Thursday, July 1. 

Drblik and the library were served official notice of an unfair labor practices charge Monday, June 21. The charge comes after a June 7 official notice to then library director Susan Dove Lempke that 88 library employees voted to form a local with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 31, and the vote to approve a tentative library budget June 16. Drblik did not return calls or emails by press deadlines Tuesday.”

July 2oth Action

📢 THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Mark your calendars and come on out to NICO Park on July 20th at 5:00pm. We’ll all march over to the Niles-Maine District Library in time to make comments and bear witness at the public hearing for the Tentative Budget and Appropriations Ordinance.

RSVP here.

July 20th Action

The June 30 Meeting Shut Down
And the cherry on top. This week the anti-library bloc tried to sneak in another Special Board Meeting posted exactly at the minimum time allowed- 48 hours. The agenda had items with no explanation what they were. The pro-library trustees were also in the dark. So the community rallied and SHOWED UP. President Carolyn Drblik ran out before the meeting started and disappeared for 20 minutes while a packed room waited, wondered, and stewed. Vice President Olivia Hanusiak was absent.

Round after round of angry comments were flung at the trustees. An apology was demanded of Joe Makula for his racist comments while he sat silent. People asked for their resignations while Drblik rudely smirked and fidgeted with her phone. When the comments were finally done, the 3 pro-library trustees WALKED OUT effectively shutting down the meeting for lack of a quorum.
Now that’s resistance!

We have the whole glorious video here:
June 30 Special Board Meeting Shut Down