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Niles Youth Community Library Petition

The Niles-Maine District Library is being undermined by three anti-library trustees: Carolyn Drblik, Suzanne Schoenfeldt, and Joe Makula. Their attack on our library will disproportionately impact the most marginalized people. The Niles Youth Community caucus of the Niles Coalition has the following anti-racist demands:

  • We demand equity at the Niles-Maine District Library by updating the mission: “to equitably engage, inform, enrich, and educate.”
  • We demand resources to meet the needs of community members from ALL backgrounds (including immigrant families, families of color, families from lower socioeconomic statuses, etc) by funding library hours, programs, materials, and services. 
  • We demand racial representation by filling the vacant library trustee position with a person of color who is against eliminating the services and resources that some board members have targeted.
  • We demand youth representation (including middle/high schoolers) to have our opinions be equally listened to and valued, through inclusion at board meetings.

Now is the time to ensure the library serves the needs of all community members. Please sign this petition today in solidarity with this important youth-led effort.