Press Guide

This press guide serves to help journalists writing about Niles Coalition or our campaigns make the correct references.

Niles Coalition

The Niles Coalition was founded in the spring of 2021. We spun off from a campaign by the Northwest Side Coalition Against Racism & Hate. We are a rapidly growing organization of community members advocating for inclusivity and justice in Niles, Illinois.

Please refer to our organization as the: Niles Coalition

“A group of concerned community members formed the Niles Coalition organization”

Please refer to people in the Niles Coalition as: organizers

“Elizabeth, an organizer with Niles Coalition, is a lead on the #SaveNilesLibrary campaign.”

#SaveNilesLibrary Campaign

#SaveNilesLibrary is our first campaign in response to the dismantling of our cherished institution: the Niles-Maine District Library. This attack on our library is a symptom of oppressive systems (white supremacy, neoliberalism) that must be addressed for effective and lasting change.

Please refer to our campaign as: #SaveNilesLibrary (use camel case).

“#SaveNilesLibrary is a campaign of the Niles Coalition”

Community members (who are not Niles Coalition organizers) working on the #SaveNilesLibrary campaign are called: allies / supporters is a domain redirect that lands on the Niles Coalition #SaveNilesLibrary campaign page.

Even though our campaign name is “#SaveNilesLibrary”, the actual name of the library is: Niles-Maine District Library. The initialism is: NMDL

“Elizabeth, an organizer with Niles Coalition, is working on their #SaveNilesLibrary campaign to rescue the Niles-Maine District Library (NMDL) from encroaching neoliberalism.”

Niles Youth Community Caucus

The Niles Youth Community is a caucus of young people that exist within the organization structure of the Niles Coalition. They act as youth representation in our coalition of community identity groups.

Please see our media kit for logo images.